Young Successful Trainers

Young Successful Trainers

Project co-financed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports at the National Contest for Youth Projects 2014.

The main objective of the project

Young Successful Trainers aims to support youth integration within the labor market through improvement of the skills and abilities of young people in relation to the demands of the employers.
Mainly the project is about developing adult training skill for 80 young people in order to integrate them within the labor market.

Free course for the occupation of TRAINER, ANC authorized (The National Authority for Qualifications)

The classes will take place from the 6th until the 10th of August 2014, as follows:

6-9 of August 2014: Development of the course (theory and practice), from 10 am to 6 pm.
10th of August 2014: ANC certification exam, 10 am.

You can sign up until Monday, the 4th of August 2014 by completing the registration form. Participants will be selected in order of registration.

What will you learn in training?

Determining teaching and training needs;
Working with a flipchart and video projector;
Setting learning objectives;
Presentation techniques (verbal and nonverbal);
Managing emotions;
Delivering a presentation;
Practical training situations;
Managing group dynamics;
Managing difficult situations;
Trainer style;
Providing feedback;
Evaluation of the training session.

At the end of the course you will know how to:

Use verbal, non verbal and paraverbal language in your favor;
Administer difficult delivery situations (ex.: groups of students uninterested in learning);
Choose and structure the information;
Identify training needs;
Build activities leading to the achievement of the training;
Facilitate learning during and after the training/presentation program;
Evaluate the training/presentation program based on relevant criteria;
Do training reports relevant for a company;
Organize the training/presentation program.

Course certification

After graduation you will be given:

A graduation certificate and a descriptive supplement for the “TRAINER” specialization, issued by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and the Elderly. In order to take the exam participants must be graduates of higher education.
A diploma of participation issued by the Youth for Education and Society Association. The diploma has legal validity in relation to potential employers, which is a plus in your CV.

To whom is the course addressed?

Those who are interested in working in the professional training field, in compliance with the EU requirements regarding the European framework for quality assurance in education and professional training;
Trainers with experience in professional training services delivery that wish to obtain ANC accreditation;
Instructors, teachers, trainers that wish to improve their training skills;
Those who desire a career in training.

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