Urban Year 2016

Urban Year 2016

Self-financed project of the TES Association aiming to increase promotion for the creativity of youth passionate about photography.
We promote you for free in a network of over 50,000 users!

Project objectives

Facilitating access to promotion for creative young people from urban areas for a period of 20 days.
Increasing online promotion for 10 creative young people from urban areas for a period of 10 months.
Increase visibility of 10 creative young people for a period of 10 months.

About Urban Year

The Urban Year project targets creative young people that have a passion for photography, social themes, architecture, tradition and urban cultural manifestations. The problem that started this project was, on the one hand, the possibility to cultivate, support and promote creativity among young people in relation to the environment in which they develop, and on the other, the possibility for young people to promote the city they work, study or live in.

What is Urban Year?

The project consists of a competition for the selection of 10 photographs that have a visual urban theme (ex. Urban manifestations, social themes, outdoor competitions, social and cultural events, street art, city traditions, parties, sports, etc). Both photos and collages are accepted, as long as the collage is expressed visually in a single image file.

Why should I participate in Urban Year?

After the 10 winning photos are selected, the TES Associations will promote you for free for a month. The 10 photos will be promoted by TES for one month each, on its main channels of communication: Facebook, Website, Groups and national networks of partners and beneficiaries, especially in youth centers. Thus we will ensure the promotion and visibility of your photo in a network of over 6000 people.

How will Urban Year be promoted?

The project will have two stages of promotion:
a) Promotion of the project in the selection stage, process that will for last 20 days on all communications channels of TES, at a national level.
b) Promotion of the winners and their photos, from March to December 2016. 10 winning photos will be selected from the 10 most creative young people in the country.

Each photo shall become the cover photo on the TES Facebook page, and will remain in that position for a month.
Thus, the posting of the photos will begin in March and will end in December with the 10th winning photo (the order of the publication of the photos will be random).

Promotion strategy

The Facebook promotion will include:

a) Promotion of the cover photo of the TES Facebook page where it will be instantly visible to over 1.500 people.
b) Promotion of the TES Facebook page that will have the cover photo boosted each month for each photo; this system will ensure increase in visibility by reaching over 20.00 people.
c) Promotion of the photos in all the TES Facebook Groups. These groups comprise of over 50.000 members, nation wide.

The TES website promotion will include:

The creation of a photo gallery where the ten winning photos will be posted. Also, next to each photo will be information about the city in which the photo was taken, name of the author, email address of the author, webpage, etc. Personal information will become public only with the consent of the authors.
The website will also permit all visitors to share their favorite photos on the main social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

What are the selection criteria used in Urban Year?

Firstly, we will see if the photo you sent approaches a visually urban theme (ex. Urban manifestations, social themes, outdoor competitions, social and cultural events, street art, city traditions, parties, sports, etc.)
Secondly, we will observe: originality, photographic compositions, framing, lighting, the surprised moment, visual message.

JPEG files are accepted with a maximum resolution of 8 megapixels (3264 x 2448 px).

Who is in the jury?

The TES team assisted by two professional photographers.

How do I sign-up?

Young people that wish to participate in the project must submit one photo with one of the themes mentioned above on the project webpage, no later that the 20th of February 2016.
This photo can be taken by any technical means available to each participant (camera, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

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