Find out how young people perceive the Roma community within the online environment.
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Project objectives

Raising awareness on the perception of young Roma people online.
Raising awareness on the reception process of social integration of Roma youth in the online environment.
Diversification of polling methods used in the online environment on the process of social integration of Roma.

What is PROSPER?

PROSPER (Romanians’ perception about the habits and status of Roma people) is a sociological research that aims at opinion polling in the online non-probabilistic sample of volunteer on the status and social integration of Roma people. This sample does not ensure representativeness of the data and does not allow calculation of sampling error. The results are analysed only in relation to those who chose to respond either by email, or on other social networks (such as Facebook), voluntarily.

Sample type: non-probabilistic volunteers.

Sample size: 322 respondents, of which 34% are male (111) and 66% are women (211).

Method of distributing the questionnaire and collecting responses: online, using the website

Data analysis: was conducted in SPSS v. 17 and online tool.

Data collection period: 26th March to 26th May 2015.

The average sample age was 26.21; the mode was 21 (most of respondents were 21 years old). The youngest respondent was 18 years old and the oldest is 60.

The questionnaire includes items that measure respondents' attitudes regarding the social integration of Roma. There are various indicators used to measure the integration of Roma in education, community, workplace and labour market.

The questionnaire, as a research tool, used social distance scale for measurement (Bogardus's scale), which is widely used in research on perceptions and attitudes in relation to members of another ethnic or racial group.

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