European Funds for Youth - Second edition

European Funds for Youth - Second edition

Project co-financed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports at the National Contest for Youth Projects 2016.

Project Objectives

Increasing awareness about the opportunity to access European structural funds for at least 2700 young people for a period of 13 days.
Facilitating access to methods of accessing European structural funds for 50 young people in a period of 12 days.
Developing accessing and managing skills of European structural funds for 50 young people in 5 days.

Free course for the occupation of EXPERT IN ACCESSING EUROPEAN STRUCTURAL AND COHESION FUNDS, COR code: 242213

The Youth for Education and Society Association is organizing a free course for the occupation of EXPERT IN ACCESSING EUROPEAN STRUCTURAL AND COHESION FUNDS, COR code: 242213, ANC authorized (National Authority for Qualifications) for 50 young graduates with the maximum age of 35 years.

The classes will take place in Bucharest, from the 8th until the 11th of September 2016, as follows:

08 - 11 of September 2016: Course development (theory and practice), from 10 am to 6 pm.
11th of September 2016: ANC Certification exam, 7 pm.

Distribution in the groups will be in the registration order and the result of the selection and the repartition will be communicated to the participants by e-mail.

Enrollment requirements: Those interested will register using the form available on the TES website and attach a letter of intent. In order to participate in the professional training program registered persons must provide proof of graduation of higher education, as this is a prerequisite governed by the ANC rules in force for this occupation.

Entries can be made until  September 4th 2016, 6 pm.
The selection results will be emailed on  September 5th 2016, at 6 pm. The selection will be based on personal motivation.
Confirmations will be made until September 6th 2016, 8 pm.

Course objectives

Knowing the programmatic and institutional framework for accessing European funds in Romania;
Knowing the national and European legislative norms in the field of accessing European funds;
Identifying the type of operational program necessary and specific to the solicitant;
Writing the grant application;
Knowing the steps of project accomplishment;
Knowing the rules for monitoring and control;
Carrying-out the Cost-Benefit analysis as required by the EU;
Knowing the procurement policies necessary to the development of projects;
Acquiring skills on the conclusion of the financing contract.

What will you learn in class?

The general framework governing access to European structural and cohesion funds 2014-2020;
Presentation programs, axes and main areas of intervention 2014-2020;
The institutional framework in the process development of accessing structural funds;
The structure of a grant from structural funds;
Types of grants, with emphasis on the youth dedicated programs and axes;
The structure of the Applicant’s Guide, an essential instrument in project development;
The structure of a funding application;
Identification of eligibility criteria;
Identification of the problem approached by the project;
Establishment of the project objectives;
Establishment of the project activities;
Essential elements regarding project monitoring and evaluation;
Cost-benefit analysis in accordance with the European rules regarding development of projects financed from structural funds;
Project sustainability.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

Elaborate documentation for accessing structural funds;
Establish partnerships for project development;
Identify the solicitant’s needs;
Analyze and evaluate the project’s context;
Use technical language correctly;
Draft projects and project proposals;
Appreciate and analyze correctly partners’ interests;
Coherently plan project activities;
Manage quality/price ratio;
Correctly evaluate the necessary information for project funding.

Course certification

The Course is authorized by the National Authority for Qualifications (ANC).
The certificate obtained after the exam is issued by the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and the Elderly and the Ministry of National Education.
The graduation certificate is recognized nationally and, by translation with an apostille, is recognized in the EU member states.

The course addressed to:

Young people working in the NGO environment that wish to finance projects from structural funds;
Young people working in projects financed from structural funds that wish to get ANC authorized;
Young people that wish to implement projects financed from structural funds at their work place;
Young people that wish to start a career in writing and financing projects.

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